Monday, July 25, 2011

Addie's Two Week Photoshoot

Adalyne is a total doll! We just love having her in our family! So much has happened since she was born and I feel like she changes and grows each day.

Week one stats:

Weight: 6 lbs 3 oz (8th percentile)
Height: 19 in (19th percentile)

apparently her cone head was really long cuz she lost an inch between the hospital and her week one check up. :)

Week two stats:

Weight: 7 lbs 2 ozs!
Height: 19 in

We were so proud of Addie (and so relieved) that she gained 15 oz in a week! She was struggling to breastfeed for the first week and since she had low blood sugar levels at the hospital, I had to use a nipple shield, syringe and feeding tube to get her to eat. By the end of week two, I had weaned her off of everything (with some tears on both of our parts), but I wasn't sure if she was getting enough to eat...but 15 oz means that she was gaining 1.5 oz a day! Whoohooo!

Now she is growing and changing like crazy. We love her so much. Some of the things she does at two weeks:

~~She already smiles...big toothless, wide mouthed smiles that have nothing to do with gas and everything to do with mom and dad.
~~She LOVES to sleep with both of her arms straight up by her head, almost like she is riding a rollercoaster.
~~She loves to snuggle into our chests for skin-to-skin time.
~~She is so alert and is already able to follow us around the room with her eyes. One time, after daddy finished changing a diaper, she watched him walk all the way out of the room, craning her head to follow him out the door.~~She hates to be swaddled and her little arms and legs fight like crazy to get out, but she sleeps so much better that way.
~~She loves to have her legs pulled up close to her bum in an Indian-style cross at all times (except when changing a diaper and then she kicks with all her might)
~~She has been able to lift her head since day 4 and has been getting stronger and stronger every day. She can now hold her head up for more than 30 seconds!
~~She has discovered the power of her legs and is using them to move around and position herself already...I think we might have an early crawler.
~~She enjoys tummy time, but is more interested in trying to use her legs to scoot herself around than in lifting her head.
~~She loves to lay horizontally across daddy's tummy - she starts vertically with her head on his left peck, but she uses her legs and she slowly squirms her way down his chest, turning herself until her legs hang off the left side and her head hangs off the right side and then she sighs and goes to sleep...cutest thing ever.
~~She purses her lips into the tiniest "o" and raises her eyebrows to wrinkle her forehead and looks around at the world like, "oh my."
~~She has a serious set of lungs when she is mad...and she can go from a peaceful sleep to a screaming roar in 2 seconds flat.
~~She has what we call "karate hands"...they never sit still (which is why the swaddle is a necessity for bedtime).

Already she has such a little personality. It amazes me to see how quickly she has become a little individual. Thankfully, we got to document her at two weeks...My wonderful sister-in-law, Bethany Ricks, is an amazing photographer and willingly took many hours out of her time to take some fabulous photos of little Addie... I've posted some of my favorites below...there are probably WAY too many, but I just love them all. Thanks so much Bethany! (PS - If any of you are interested in giving her a call to do pictures for you, let me know!)

Also, we finally made it to AZ safely, we are in the process of moving in and organizing...more on that later and I hope to find our mail key soon so that I can post pictures of Adalyne's baby blessing which we got to do before we moved.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Adalyne May: LABOR and Delivery

Well, little Adalyne is here! She is beautiful and wonderful and we just can't get enough of her. The birth story is below...sorry if it is way too long and there are way too many pictures! Her official birth stats were:

Adalyne May Randall
Born at 10:23pm June 30, 2011
6 lbs 9 oz
20 inches long
Gorgeous beyond belief.

Chapter One: My Body Is In Labor But Won't Dilate

It all started on Tuesday when I began getting pretty painful contractions, but they weren't consistent until that evening when they started getting worse and worse, closer and closer. I seriously had no idea that contractions were so painful...I swear, someone could have warned me :) By 2 am, I was dying...breathing through each contraction, tears on the way. We finally headed down the canyon at 3:30 to Utah Valley hospital to check in. By then, the contractions were 2 -3 minutes apart, 60 - 80 seconds long, and I was sobbing through each one. Unfortunately, despite the extreme pain and being in obvious labor, I was only dilated to a 1 - GRRRRR. They kept me for a long, painful hour (without meds) to see if I would change, but I didn't, so they sent me home with a morphine shot to the hip and said, "If it is real labor, you'll keep contracting, so come back."

We headed to Jon's parent's house where we zonked out for 6 hours (thank you, morphine) but during my entire nap I was still contracting. When I woke up at about 7pm, the contractions had slowed, but they were still just as painful as when we left the hospital. But I had to wait until they built back up in frequency and so began another LONG, PAINFUL night of counting contractions. At about 1 am, we were so exhausted that we stopped counting and by 3 am, I had hit my patience limit. We headed to the hospital when I was only contracting 5 -6 minutes apart, but they were so intense I could have begged for an epidural.

When we got to the hospital, I was only a 2.5! I was so frustrated. Again, they couldn't keep me unless I progressed in an hour, so they told me to walk. And walk I did...I did probably 40 laps around the Utah Valley Maternity floor, stopping in the middle of the hall for each painful contraction. One ornery nurse told me as I walked by for the 20th time, "Honey...if you're not in labor yet, walking won't change anything." I wanted to hit her. And then the hour came and they came to check and I changed!!!! Only .5 cm but it didn't matter! At 7:30, they officially admitted me and got me that epidural within 15 mins. Oh, heavenly bliss. I do not know how any of you have natural births. I am blessed to be born in this age of modern medicine!

Chapter Two: My Body Is In Labor and SLOWLY Dilates

Thus began the waiting period...from 7:30 am to 8:00pm, I slowly but surely progressed. They thought several times about using Pitocin to speed up my progress, but because my body was doing it on its own, they decided against it. Too bad my body takes its own sweet time! From a "5 plus" to a 6, from a 6 to a "6 plus", it was torture, but I used the time to get some MUCH needed sleep, and so did Jon. Poor Jon was such a trooper, staying up with me, counting contractions, making me as comfortable as possible. He has such a difficult time when I am in any sort of pain and I know that this was really hard for him, but he was such a wonderful coach and support!

Chapter Three: I Take Forever to Push This Baby Out

At 8:00pm, I was finally at a 10 and I was allowed to push! Wooohooo! By then, my body was exhausted...almost 50 hours of continuous, painful contractions wore me out! It felt so weird to push, but feel nothing down below...thank goodness for that epidural. After two and a half hours of pushing, she was finally here! They did have to do an episiotomy, but everything went well. Jon watched the whole thing...I couldn't believe it! He coached me through all the pushing and kept me motivated.

When she finally came out, all the nurses exclaimed at how long her umbilical cord was...haha...apparently it was a few FEET long! Unfortunately, it was also wrapped around her neck three times, so she had some difficulty breathing at first. There was no lusty cry when she finally came out and I was so worried. They brought in the respiratory specialists and Jon and I kept asking if she was okay and they would just say, "Oh, she's having a hard time breathing..." Um, okay, isn't that the main source of life here - AIR. But she ended up being just fine and after several minutes with them, I finally got to hold her.

We are SO happy she is here. She is such a blessing in our lives. We think she is absolutely the most beautiful thing in the world. I love cuddling this little girl close to me and hearing her breathe. It still astounds me that just a few days ago, she was in my belly and it is even more insane to think back to when she was just that little poppyseed.

Her first few days were a struggle...she had low bloodsugar levels, I had difficulty breastfeeding her, and she ended up jaundiced. She had to spend the last day in the hospital under the lights and then she had to sleep in a straightjacket billibed to get rid of her jaundice. But we are happy to say that she is now doing VERY well and is super healthy. I will post her two week stats in another post soon to come. Enjoy these last few pictures