Saturday, April 18, 2009

Crutches, School, and Spring...

It has finally arrived! Spring is here!!!!! I am soooo happy. I just had to post these precious flowers from our backyard because I am so pleased they made it through the snow and crazy weather and now they brighten up our backyard and I get to see them through our huge back window everyday! I can't believe how attached I am to our growing green things! Some of our trees almost toppled this week because of the snow's weight, but they survived (we did have one tree crash down in the middle of the night and hit our bedroom window, but all is well) and are now budding and growing bright green leaves. Oh hooray.

On top of the wonderful spring weather, school is almost over! YES! I only have one more final and Jon has two left. We cannot wait for this week to be over! Our anniversary is also next week and Jon has some kind of sneaky plans going on. All he will mention is that he has rented a U-haul, code-phrase for he has reserved something. Not quite sure what to expect, but I can't wait for a good relaxing weekend.
On some not so good news, I tore the ligaments in my ankle 2 weeks ago playing soccer and have been recovering from that. As I quickly learned (and people have told me over and over again), tearing ligaments is MUCH, MUCH worse than breaking the bone. It hurts much more and heals much slower. GRRRR. For about 8 days I was on crutches, but now I only have to wear a brace and I am so grateful for my legs! It had been a hard week being totally dependent on everyone else, not being able to walk anywhere or hold anything in my hands as I walk. Not to mention the fact that crutches are incredibly painful for the first few days! I couldn't help post some nasty pictures of my ankle from a week after it happened. I look like I have elphantitis or whatever that disease is. I promise my foot and my ankle are not normally that fat, but this is actually my ankle looking GOOD. You should have seen it 5 days earlier.

Prior to all of this, Jon and I and some friends from our ward took a vacation and hit up my grandparents' house in Heber. It was a fabulous getaway and much needed with the upcoming end of school. We actually got to go snowshoeing and it was so much fun!