Sunday, December 19, 2010

Enter Randall Family Member #3

So....we are having A BABY!
Sorry to be so unoriginal, but I think this morning sickness has knocked out all the desire I have to be creative! We are due July 2nd and can't wait to add this little member to our family!

We are so blessed to have this baby in the first place. With the Addison's disease, my doctor told me I'd be lucky to get pregnant and luckier to get through the first trimester. We almost didn't make it, with a close call on a miscarriage. I started bleeding heavily at 7 weeks and the doctors pretty much told me to expect to lose the baby. It was a pretty rough 24 hours filled with prayers and tears before we got in to see the ultrasound specialist, but the baby was there and it's heartbeat was going strong! We are so grateful to all those who had us in their prayers and fasts. We went in a few weeks ago to double check that the baby was still doing fine and that the bleeding had stopped and everything was wonderful. Our little baby has a strong heartbeat and is growing like crazy! Whoohooo!