Friday, February 18, 2011

SHE is adorable

It is official...we will be having a beautiful BABY GIRL! We are sooooo excited! We found out on Valentine's Day and it was the best gift ever. We then spread the news to the grandparents. My mother cried when we surprised them with the news and has already pulled out the baby clothes from my past...I am loving it.

I always claimed I would only have boys and that I never wanted girls because I wouldn't know what to do with them (all the brothers made boys sound easier), but I was secretly hoping for a girl the whole time and so was Jon, so we are thrilled. She showed a really stubborn streak in the ultrasound since it took her almost 50 minutes to show us a profile, despite massive shaking by the woman doing the ultrasound. But she was so dang cute! It is amazing that she is really inside of me! This pic is one of my favorites with her cute's like she's saying, "Please, Mom, stop poking and shaking me!"

Since the pregancy is high risk, we had the chance to see all of it again when the perinatalogist came in for consultation. He seemed pretty cold at first, but then at the very end of our ultrasound, he gave us a quick devious look and switched ultrasound tools and suddenly there was our baby in 4D! We could see so much detail on her little face, it was so unreal. This isn't very good quality since our scanner isn't awesome, but I still love it! We think she might just have my nose!

I love knowing what our little baby is and now I don't have to call her an "it." She has been moving around a TON and distracts me all the time when I am teaching with her powerful kicks. Maybe we have a little soccer player in the making :) The best part of it all is that since we are high risk, we get to do this again in 6 weeks! I love, love, love to see this little girl and can't wait for the chance to see her again!